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Gain that world class look with your company logo flying outside your business. Whether you have a logo on letterhead or already have digital artwork, Flag Center can assist you at any stage of design. We will even create a new design specifically for your flag. Take a look at some examples of work that we have done for other customers.

Snap On
Snap On Masters of Metal Tour
Ploog Family Farm
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Fire Ridge Golf Club
East Penn
Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin
Elite Martial Arts
Garrett Concrete
City Press
Boy's Life
Bielinski Homes
Regal Crest Marina
Port Huron
Milwaukee Fire Dept
Milwaukee Fire Dept 2
Michigan State Fair
Imperial Estates
Johns Main Event
Wisconsin Lottery
Thomas Edison Award
Small Banners
Sea Tow
Scorpion Shot
Ripley's Yellow
Ripley's Pink
Milwaukee JS
Milwaukee Brewing CO_MKE
HD 110th 1
HD 110th 2
Fright Fest 1
Fright Fest 2
Cleveland Cavaliers
Castle Homes
Case HI Agriculture
Andes Candies
American Eagle Concrete
AM Towing
Palmen Dodge
Eaton Zero


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Company Logo

How can I display a company logo flag?

There are a few ways you can display a company logo flag. If you have an in-ground flagpole flying your custom flag is easy! Typically in-ground flagpoles have nylon or metal snap hooks, this is where you can hook your flag up. Every outdoor flag has brass grommet holes where these snap hooks clip to. What if you don’t have an in-ground flagpole? There are other ways to display a flag like using an off the building mounted pole. These poles are mounted to your building at a 45 degree angle.  Having your company logo flag fly in front of your business is eye catching especially when it’s paired with a U.S. flag. Need a pole? We can help with that too; contact our flagpole quote department or email quote@flagcenter.net.


How do I create a custom business logo flag?

With our expert team of designers it has never been easier! You will first start out speaking with a graphic artist in our custom department. The first thing we will determine is if you have existing artwork or will you need to start from scratch.

If you have existing artwork we can take your art files and create a mockup for you. Once you send over your art, our designers will create a design layout for you using our industry specs and guidelines for printing.  We prefer vector artwork or high resolution images if you have existing art. After the artwork is approved by you we can then move forward with production.

If you need to create a logo from scratch or do not have production ready artwork, that won’t be a problem for our graphics team. We can help conceptualize your vision onto a flag. If you have a design but it is not in digital form that’s not a problem either. Our designers are skilled at re-creating artwork. We have taken the logo from many objects like a hat, business card, and even letterhead and re-created the company logo into digital form to print on a flag.  Our graphics team is up to the challenge and would love to make your company business flags!


Company Logo Flags, they are good for business!

What better way to advertise your business than flying a flag with your company logo? It will catch your customer’s eye as it proudly waves in the wind.