Flagpole Installation

Quality installations of commercial and residential flagpoles.

Flag Center has been installing flagpoles for over 20 years from sizes as small as 15 feet to as large as 150 feet. We are proud to be the leading flagpole installation crew in the state of Wisconsin. Our trained staff ensures that all installs meet our customers' needs and requirements. Free on site consultation, the widest selection of flagpoles in the industry, and installation by our professional staff ensures a flagpole installation that you will enjoy for years to come. Here is our Installation Agreement.

Flagpole Install Story

Here is a recap of an onsite installation of an internal halyard flagpole.


When our service installers arrive on site they will detach your flagpole from the top of our truck. The flagpole comes protected in a brown paper wrapping.


They then carefully remove the pole from the truck so it can be assembled for standing.


Before any assembling can take place the protective brown paper must be removed from the flagpole in order to gain access to the flagpoles internal components.


The internal winch is then removed from the flagpole by unscrewing the set screw on the opposite side.


The truck (pulley assembly) and internal pulley system is then prepped at the top of the pole so the internal stainless steel cable can be fished down through the flagpole. Truck and cable are pre-assembled at our shop, to save time onsite.


Once the stainless steel cable has been fished through the interior of the flagpole; it is threaded through the winch. A set screw is tightened to hold the cable in place.


The truck and pulley can then be inserted at the top of the flagpole. The truck is then fastened into place. An optional gold ball ornament may also be attached at this time.


The winch is reinserted into the flagpole after all slack in the cable has been wound onto the winch.


The flash collar and flag arrangement is temporarily taped to the flagpole to ensure they are not in the way during the standing of the flagpole.


With the flagpole preparation complete our service installers start to stand the flagpole. With one installer in our aerial lift and the other at the base of the flagpole, our service installer walks the flagpole to the pre-dug hole.


With the flagpole now set inside the hole, the flagpole can be set down on the centering wedges located at the bottom of the foundation sleeve. This centers the flagpole for final alignment.


The flagpole is then adjusted to ensure it is plum and straight, kept in place with wood wedges.


Once all the wedges are in place and are holding the flagpole plum, dry sand is added to maintain the positioning of the flagpole.


The flash collar can now be brought down from its temporary taped position to its final resting point on the ground.


With the attaching of the proper flag arrangement to the flagpole and a new U.S. flag, the flagpole is set for its debut.


With the flagpole perpendicular and the flag flying proudly, the installation is complete.


We hope you have enjoyed this flagpole install story, and we hope we can help you with your next flagpole installation.