Damaged Flagpole and Removal and Replacement

Out with the damaged and in with the new!

Accidents or high winds can bring down flagpoles. Depicted below is an instance when such an occurrence took place. Flag Center responded with the removal of the old damaged flagpole, and installed a new one.


This flagpole was snapped and was cut to make removal more manageable.


Our service installer then floods the flagpole sleeve to float the sand out of the sleeve. This allows the pole to become loose and free from the sleeve.


The old flagpole is then pulled from the ground and set aside. The hole that is filled with water is then drained to make way for the new flagpole.


The new flagpole is then walked to the hole and is set on the centering spike at the bottom of the sleeve.


The flagpole is then centered and wood wedges are put in to hold the flagpole in place.


New dry sand is poured into the hold to fill the gaps and secure the flagpole in place.


The flash collar is then set back to the base of the flagpole.


With the new flag flying, this flagpole installation is done. Flag Center is always happy to remove a damaged flagpole and replace it with a working one.


If this has happened to you give us a call, and our service installers will be able to help you in the same way.