Custom Boat Flag Guide

Custom Boat Flag Guide

1 .  What can you put on a boat flag?

From family pictures to simple silhouettes, our design team can put almost anything on a boat flag. If your design requires a picture or an intricate logo it would be digitally printed, which outputs picture quality results on our 200 denier nylon fabric. What if you just want your family name on a boat flag? Our skilled sewers will cut the lettering out of nylon material and sew it onto a nylon backing. This gives your boat flag a hand sewn look and feel. All of our nylon material is UV treated to resist against fading from the sun. While the most common size for boat flags is the 12X18IN size, we can make our boat flags in all different shapes and sizes. Boat flags are a great way to get your boat noticed! 


2.  How can you order a boat flag?

There are three ways to order a boat flag. The first way is to fill out our custom flag questionnaire on our custom flag webpage. After filling this form out, it will then be emailed directly to our graphics department where you will get a quote and information within 24 hours. From there our design team will work with you to create a custom flag whether you have existing artwork or need us to conceptualize art for you.


The second way would be to call into our main office; 414-776-1778 and speak with one of our talented graphic artists. After answering a few questions over the phone, our design team will come up with a mockup of your boat flag with-in 24hrs to email you. Once the design is finalized we can then start the production process!


The third way to order a custom boat flag would be to stop in at one of our locations and speak directly with a person in our graphics department. We can then discuss in person what you would like for your boat flag. Our design team will ask you a few questions to get started on some mockups. After our meeting we can then schedule another meeting to come in and approve the artwork or our designers can email you your mockups.


With any of these ways, our graphics team will assist you in creating the perfect boat flag whether you have a design ready or need help conceptualizing one!



3.  What constitutes a boat flag?

Boat flags can be displayed on your average fishing boat or all the way up to large cruise ships. We have many customers who like to display their boat’s name or something specific to their family like a family crest or emblem. Cruise ships and sailboats can display flags that have their logo or brand name on them. Whether you are an individual looking to spruce up your family boat or a company wanting to use a boat flag with a company logo on it, we can help! Boat flags come in all different shapes and sizes and are not limited to specific requirements. There is no limit on creativity with flags!



4.  Not just custom boat flags, how about some marine & nautical flags!

We have a wide stock of many different types of marine & nautical flags. We have the entire nautical flags for the alphabet to help you spell out your family’s name. If you are not looking for a custom flag, but want a fun stock novelty nautical flag we have several designs. These designs include a witch, martini glass, fish, 19th hole, and Jolly Rogers skull and cross bones and many others. Our stock isn’t limited there; we also offer official semaphore, storm and warning flags for ships of any size.



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